Sriracha: Come to Denton, TX!

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News spread quickly that the beloved Sriracha (Huy Fong Foods) is caught up in legal woes with the city of Irwindale, California. Millions of fans of this spicy treasure are anxious that prices will rise and access to this special sauce will be limited.

We’ve got a plan that can save Sriracha and everyone who loves it: move your operations to Denton, TX.

As the indie music capital of Texas and a city of 48,000 college students, Denton is home to myriads of Sriracha’s customer base.  We’ve got cheap land, shovel-ready industrial sites (far away from neighborhoods to avoid your current complaints), 40% wind power, competitive costs, and award-wining reliability from our city-owned electric company, an emerging urban farm district ready to start farming fresh jalapenos, location at the convergence of I35E and I35W and centrally located for efficient transportation and distribution, a city-owned airport, research universities ready to work with you, the nation’s 6th top high-tech hot spot, and tons of college students seemingly willing to work for a daily supply of free Sriracha!

And here are more reasons to come to Denton, TX…

Manufacturing In Denton, Texas from Brian Daskam on Vimeo.

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  1. Paul Strength says:

    A thousand times YES!

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