Denton Officials Invited to Visit Sriracha Plant – Help Us Sell Denton

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Denton led the way in the national efforts to save Sriracha. Since then, many others, including Texas State Representatives and other city officials in other states, copied our efforts and continued the push for Huy Fong Foods to fine a more welcoming business environment elsewhere.

I am very pleased to announce that Denton has been invited to visit Huy Fong Foods in Irwindale, CA and meet with company officials to discuss possible relocation or expansion opportunities in Denton, TX.

Details are still being worked out, but I will be heading to California in the next couple of weeks, accompanied by a select team of city officials, including Economic Development Director Aimee Bissett. I will provide more details as soon as they are official.

From the start, our efforts to lure Sriracha to Denton have been community based. In order to make a pitch to Sriracha that is becoming of the creative city we are, I need you all to think up some big ideas on how to sell Denton. More importantly, I need you to jump in and help implement these ideas. We need your marketing skills, your film talents, your music abilities, your business savvy, and your collective creativity.

So throw your big ideas below or contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or email.  Together we can make this happen!  This is how Denton does economic development.



  1. Throw in a complete website redesign in there with the package. There are plenty of Denton sirracha-lovers who are also web designers and developers who would jump at the opportunity to redesign it.

  2. Pat Smith says:

    Take a photo of the existing plant and superimpose on potential parcels of land around Denton. Do a computer generated 3D fly by to show the owners eBay it would look like… Given them a vision

  3. Lauren says:

    In the news coverage of the back-and-forth with the Irwindale Council a few weeks ago, it was stated that Huy Fong uses a special pepper that grows very well in that particular part of California. This current close proximity of their “source” likely makes them wary of a move…with shipping costs/logistics, product freshness concerns, etc. Could we do a feasibility study with some of our local producers to see how well this variety of pepper might grow here and if there’s a way we could help them curb some of those costs? Denton has a long agricultural history, a flourishing local farmers market, urban farm space, and a lot of farmable land in surrounding communities…

  4. Sean S. says:

    Get the City to commit to throwing an annual SrirachaFest if they move here, that would celebrate Asian culture and cuisine. The Metroplex has a rapidly growing Asian community who would most likely help support it and if it grew large enough it could become a draw beyond the DFW region. People from all over DFW could come for a weekend and sample great Asian food. It would be good for Denton and good for Huy Fong and would provide some killer Asian food to chow down on (I’ve been missing it badly since I left California.)

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