Denton to go 70% Renewables by 2019

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Denton emerged as a national leader in sustainable energy when the city’s municipal electric provider, Denton Municipal Electric, announced a partnership with a wind energy provider to make 40% of Denton’s energy portfolio renewable.

The citizens have made it clear: they want us to go farther and they want us to do it in a way that keeps our rates low.

Today, Denton announced an aggressive and ambitious plan to continue our regional and national leadership in sustainable energy by jumping our renewable numbers from 40% to 70% by 2019. By building state of the art, clean-burning gas-fueled quick start energy generation plants, Denton is taking local control of our energy needs and weaning us off some of the dirtiest energy generation practices in the state. This quick start option allows us to rapidly scale our renewable portfolio in a way that increases reliability and stabilizes rates.

Local control. 70% renewables. Responsible rates. Another way that your city is leading the nation.

Go to to learn more about the plan and how you can get involved in the public process leading up to it.

  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    This sounds like Steve Everley of Energy In Depth wrote it. Denton is not fooled by the attempted greening of dirty fossil fuels.

    • kevin says:

      Sorry to sound like him. I’m a bit unclear why it isn’t a good thing to scale from 40% renewable energy in our portfolio to 70% renewable energy? Considering that 60% of our energy now already comes from fossil fuels (including coal) as we get it from the market. Why is reducing our dependence on fossil fuels from 60% down to 30% a bad thing?

  2. Sharon Spiess says:

    How is a gas-fueled generation plant considered a renewable energy source? This Denton City Council is all too aware of the FLIR videos showing not only gas wells, but gas power plants leaking VOC’s continuously. I simply don’t understand how this type of power plant could ever be considered a renewable.

    I also find it ironic that the top of this blog shows a picture of wind turbines. What am I missing?

    • kevin says:

      Sharon – gas generation is not considered renewable as you say. Our ability to scale from 40-70% renewable energy in our energy portfolio within 4 years is contingent upon quick start generation that is locally controlled. So there is a connection between the gas generation concept and our ability to increase our renewable energy plan. I’d encourage you to check out the Renewable Denton website I linked to above for more information.

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