Big Ideas for Denton – Council Candidate Forum – March 20

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Denton is a city of ambitious citizens who are daily creating their city. Our leaders should reflect this.

On Monday, March 20 7pm at Stoke, you’ll have the chance to actually participate in a forum that puts big ideas for our city at the center of the evening. The event begins with you. Any Denton citizen can sign up to give a 60 second pitch of their big idea for our city. Here’s your chance to get in front of the next generation of Denton leaders and help shape their vision for the city.

Then each candidate will have 5 minutes and 5 slides to pitch their big idea for Denton. No parameters, no prompts, just whatever they want to bring to the table.

Following their pitches, each candidate will participate in a lightning round of prompts for their big ideas on a variety of Denton-centric topic.

The evening will conclude with a mixer, designed to get us reflecting and responding to the ideas of the evening.

Beer and wine will be on hand to get us all thinking. This forum is being co-sponsored by Denton’s TechMill. Check out our Facebook event page here.

Want to participate and pitch your big idea for 60 seconds at the beginning of the forum? Sign up here:

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