Here’s a representative list of people who are helping to create Denton into a great city. I’m glad to list them among my supporters:

Visionary, clear-minded, energetic, committed, pragmatic…all in one package. And your vision of Denton as conscious, creative, and thriving is one I share.”
Paul Meltzer
I have been on a committee with him for 4 years.  Kevin’s been helpful, reliable, supportive, and always there to step-in when other elected officials haven’t.  He has always supported the community - this is why I support him.”
Yolanda Glover
When we realized Pay Day lending was hurting the poorest in Denton, Kevin had an open door to hear us out. He helped us as we navigated a grass-root effort, and his support made a true, positive change.”
Kayce Strader
Kevin reached out to the tech and startup scene of Denton and brought the city to us. I can’t think of anyone better to help shape Denton for yet another term.
Eric Swayne
I love his enthusiasm, his innovative ideas, and his energy. And, I adore that he responds to his constituents —even when they message him on Facebook at 10 at night!
Shelly Tucker
Kevin has put Denton in the national spotlight more times than I can count with my fingers. In addition, he’s created civic engagement from demographic groups that have previously been unresponsive to such things locally. His initiatives with organizations such as Mentor Denton have had a positive impact on our community.
Will Milne
Kevin is a leader in our community who has brought the citizenry together with city leaders to help develop and create policies that work for our great city.
Gabriel Kirkpatrick
Insightful creative leadership.
Carlton Holloway
Active, concerned, engaged and gets things done! 
Kristina Briones
He has been a wonderful city councilman and has done so much for Denton for the greater good.
Sarah Deines
Kevin supports what is best for Denton. And, he is an all around amazing person.
Sara Button

Colette Johnson
Stu Moorhead
Eric Pulido
Andy Odom
Josh Berthume
Diana Fonner
Melissa Lenaburg
Patrick Lenaburg
Eric Nichelson
Rachel Nichelson
John Williams
Michelle Bradley
Lindsey Crockarell
Glen Farris
Michael Seman
Jenny Seman
Wendy O’Hearn
Andrew O’Hearn
Alyssa Stephenson
Kyle Taylor
Marshall Culpepper
Darren Smitherman
Lindsey Smitherman
Vicki Oppenheim
Kati Trice
Rachel Aughtry
Bo Aughtry
Paul Meltzer
Will Milne
Andrew Lewis
Emily Warrick
Gabriel Kirkpatrick
Emily Warrick
Kristina Briones
Sara Button
Kayce Strader
Katie Lira
Eric Swayne
Shelly Tucker
Carlton Holloway
Yolanda Glover
Erika Simon
Cynthia Cochran
David Jensen
Jane Upshaw
Curry Searle
Graham White
Brett Wilson
Emily Roden
Mike Wing
Anthony Najera
Daniel Abasolo
Leah Edwards
Chris Ice
Jessica Reade
Molly Valdez
Morris Martin
Caitlin Collins
Melinda Rule
Lilli Wright
Trey Price
Joshua Piers
Kelly Bryant
Amelia McBride
Daniel Elizondo
Marybeth Reinke
Jeff Doyle
Dan Krutka
Ashley West
Fr. Clint Wilson
Kevin Fontenot
Darren Hundt
Chris Sundberg
Kristen Pulido
Danny Greer
Gabe Bunch
Christie Roden
Eric Pruett
Anyah Martinez
Sarah Gamblin
Nick Stevens
Melodi Collett
Tim Stoltzfus
Christopher Walker
Hutch Ice
Doug Campbell
Patrick McLeod
Scott Campbell
Kayla Stewart
Wesley Kirk
Charlie Scott
Alex Sparks
Tristan Bynum
Kate Stokes
Amber Briggle
Jamie Pritchett
Tomas Rafael
Lou Delaney
John Huff
Erin Piper
Laura Mauelshagen
Angel Weaver
Lisa Marie Linn Garcia
Dave Sims
Sarah Banis
Taylor Bunch
Nite Davis
Jia Zhang
Phillip Snow
John Betten
Jo Ann Rischel
Salty Rischel
Toby Thomason
Robin Zaruba
Jerry Dooley
Joe Ader
George Neal
Donna Bloom
Don Ader
Alex Payne
Dominic Garcia
Cody Miller
Sharon Dumas
Scott Dumas
Zachary Young
Caitlin Crawford
Elizabeth Oldmixon
Meredith Buie
Cathy Howington
Mike Christian
Kevin Turcios
Erica Sheets
Shaun Treat
Renae Bruce
Batavia Russell
Brian King
Heather Gregory
Dave Coulter
Debbie Ingram
Maggie Chapman
Samantha Phan
Mary Perry
Karen DeVinney
Jennifer Lane
Wanda Needleman
Lisa Cooke
Chris Avant
Wendell Lipscomb
Katharine Wilcox
Lou Delaney
Helen Schenk
Marshall Smith
Batavia Russell
Charles Bittner